SounDish ® World-Class Acoustic Speaker Product for iPhone, Android or other mobile devices.

Our Story

The sound level  and quality from cell phones is not very good, no surprise, the size of  the speakers used in cell phones and tablets is very small so it's  difficult for the speaker to push enough air to produce clear loud  sound. This is the reason the SounDish ®  product was created.  

Mark Barone noticed that he could make a huge improvement in the sound of  his cell phone simply by putting it into a bowl or container.
To  take this idea and make it into a product, he worked with Dean Rivera  of dB Design a consulting firm that specializes in loudspeaker and audio  product design and development. After testing several prototypes of different dish shapes and stand designs, the SounDish ® product was ready for production.

Visit this site to see the science of how the SounDish works: